Learn CIFA™

youR pathway to become an expert in islamic finance

why learn cifa?

(Certified Islamic Finance Analyst)


Each curriculum focuses on providing a simple, practical framework to understand Islamic finance tools. CIFA provides candidates with practical business problem solving insights. CIFA learnings are easily applied to their work.


CIFA covers the different Shariah views including AAOIFI and Malaysian. We deliver case studies across markets. We discuss global regulatory issues. This equips candidates with a broad spectrum knowledge.


Specialist tracks in CIFA represent the main silos of financial services. These help to shorten the learning curve for new candidates entering the market, and cater for advancement of experienced candidates.


A candidate may choose one or more specialist curriculum. These are standalone and candidates may pursue as many as they like to fit their job focus or career planning.

what is cifa™

CIFA evolved from the practical business and consulting experiences of SHAPE. CIFA 1.0 was delivered in 2008 as part of the conversion training when a conventional bank in Kuwait converted to an Islamic Bank.

Since then, CIFA components have been delivered through different media to financial institutions, multi-lateral agencies, and regulators in various key markets including Europe, Middle East and ASEAN countries.

The standard CIFA Curriculum involves two steps. You begin with the Foundation Level. Then choose any specialist courses you are interested in. The training may be structured with or without assessment. It may also be customized to cover your products and processes.

how to join

in person training

  • Interactive approach using discussion, case studies, document reviews, and problem solving exercises.
  • Our delegates are expected to think on their feet with clear minds and open ears.
  • Tried and tested approach since 2004.

online learning

  • We have produced e-learning programs since 2010.
  • We may develop customized e-learning courses using a moderated-learning approach for you.
  • We offer webinars so you can engage in live discussions wherever you may be.
  • We assist clients with blended learning that combines both e-learning and structured interaction.

train the trainer

  • Our Train The Trainer (TTT) program provides institutions the opportunity to develop their own in-house training capacity, managing long term costs.
  • We provide learning materials, and support with updates.
  • Institutionalize your knowledge with our customization option.

have a specific TOPIC in mind?

try our customized training

Our strength is research based training. We analyze different aspects of Islamic finance; and cover various user perspectives: financial institutions, clients, regulators, communities etc.