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Certified Islamic Finance Analyst

Since 2003, SHAPE® has delivered Islamic finance training via multiple platforms (bespoke, public, in-house, and online). With this experience in hand, we have formalized a structured, assessment based training program: the Certified Islamic Finance Analyst (CIFA™). We could also deliver CIFA™ courses without assessment.

  • For individuals & institutions
  • Job oriented specialist tracks
  • Practical application of Islamic finance tools
  • In person & online delivery
  • Apply CIFA™ to meet your institutional training needs.

shape training: OFF THE SHELF

  • SHAPE® delivers Islamic finance trainings on multiple platforms: bespoke, public, in-house and online.
  • These programs are suitable for different levels of your business: from executive training to front line staff.
  • Our consulting and industry experience, keeps us updated on key trends and market issues.
  • SHAPE® trainings focus on applied learning. We adopt the “learn by doing” approach applying case studies, group discussion, term sheet review and product analysis.
  • We have experience in structuring specifically targeted training.
  • The diagram illustrates examples of different specialist training that we offer.
  • The training may be structured with or without assessment. It may also be customized to cover your products and processes.

CUSTOMIzEd training

Have a different topic in mind? One of our key strength is research based training. We analyze different aspects of Islamic finance; and cover various user perspectives: financial institutions clients, regulators, communities etc. This allows us to offer a blended approach to training by covering areas that cater your customized needs.

Customization options

Contact us to understand how we can structure customized training for your needs

Training Delivery

In-Person Training

  • Interactive approach using discussion, case studies, document reviews, and problem solving exercises.
  • Our delegates are expected to learn how to think on their feet with clear minds and open ears.
  • Tried and tested approach since 2004.

Online Learning

  • SHAPE® has produced e-learning programs since 2010.
  • SHAPE® could produce e-learning courses using a moderated-learning approach instead of the traditional click on e-learning.
  • We also offer webinars so you can engage in live discussions wherever you may be.
  • We may assist clients in establishing a user friendly, mobile responsive learning platform.
  • We also assist clients in delivering blended learning that combines both e-learning and structured interaction with the delegates over a specific period of time

Train the Trainer

  • Our TTT program provides institutions the opportunity to develop their own in-house training capacity, managing long term costs
  • We provide learning materials, and support with updates
  • Institutionalize your knowledge with our customization option

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