Screening Criteria


Screening Criteria: Real Estate & Mining Sector

SHAPE® has in place screening criteria for the real estate and the mining sectors. It provides the rationale and parameters of Shariah compliant investment criteria. Clients may benefit from the screening criteria as follows:

  1. Structure Shariah complaint real estate funds, REITs, funds of funds, commodity funds, etc.
  2. Screen conventional real estate funds, REITs, or mining/mineral investments to carve out Shariah compliant investments.
  3. Private equity firms may use the criteria as Shariah screening tool for investments in real estate or mining sector companies.
  4. Real estate and mining companies may evaluate their operations and think about necessary adjustment (if any) to their company operation in order to attract Islamic investors.
  5. Screening providers may add real estate and mining sector Shariah compliant screening to their platform.

These are available for licensing.