Selected SHAPE contribution in Islamic Finance:

  1. Challenges of Affordable Housing Finance in IDB Member Countries Using Islamic Modes – IRTI Occasional Paper (with SHAPE® contribution)
  2. Financing Development through Partnership: Alternative Resource Mobilization Options for the Islamic Development Bank
  3. Managing Funds Flows, Risks and Derivatives: Applications in Islamic Financial Institutions, Abdulkader Thomas, ed. (Selangor: Sweet & Maxwell Asia)
  4. Mokhtar, S. Empirical Analysis of Shariah Issues in Equity Based Sukuk, Kuala Lumpur: ISRA
  5. CIFA Guide to the Foundations of Islamic Banking & Finance (Kuala Lumpur: RedMoney)
  6. Mokhtar, S. (2011). Application of Wa’ad in Equity Based Sukuk: An Empirical Evidence. Kuala Lumpur: ISRA
  7. Wajdi, D., & Mokhtar, S. (2010). The Concept and Operations of Swap as a Hedging Mechanism for Islamic Financial Institutions. Kuala Lumpur: ISRA
  8. Wajdi, D., & Mokhtar, S. (2010). Critical Appraisal of Shari’ah Issues on Ownership in Asset-based Sukuk as Implemented in The Islamic Debt Market. Kuala Lumpur: ISRA
  9. Sukuk, Abdulkader Thomas ed. (Selangor: Sweet & Maxwell Asia)
  10. Interest in Islamic Economics, Abdulkader Thomas, ed. (London: Rutledge)
  11. Structuring Islamic Finance Transactions, Abdulkader Thomas, Bryan Kraty and Stella Cox (London: Euromoney)
  12. Islamic Bonds, Abdulkader Thomas & Nathif Adam (London: Euromoney)

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