Mortgage Alternatives (MALT®)

Mortgage Alternatives (MALT®) refers to our term for processes that meet the mortgage needs of consumers & businesses, seeking non-interest based products.

SHAPE® has structured mortgage alternatives (MALT®) for the US, Canada, Europe and the GCC. SHAPE® has the keys to Ijara wa Iqtina – Redeemable Leases; Musharaka Mutanaqisa – Declining Balance Partnerships; and Murabaha – Installment Credit Sales.

Our solutions meet consumer protection standards like RESPA in the United States and fit within banking and mortgage regulations, as well as securitization processes.

In the United States, SHAPE® is pleased to have structured Ijara and Murabaha home finance solutions which are offered as a comprehensive servicing and trust packages through a community bank in the United States.

MALT® is available for licensing.