A technology company developing Shariah compliant micro savings product. 2010-2011

Shariah research, consulting and fatwa: A technology company engaged SHAPE® in the development of a micro savings mudaraba. The product required extensive research as the concept is driven by modern technology and is meant to help very small savers set aside money for long periods of time. SHAPE® delivered the original operative fatwa.


Global bank buying into an Islamic project finance deal. 2011

Fatwa: SHAPE® examined transaction documents of Istisna’a-Ijara Mawsoofa Fi Zhimma applied in a syndicated project finance deal. Our Shariah team tested it for AAOIFI compliance and provided the fatwa.


Global investment bank. 2006/07

REIT Screen: SHAPE® provided the screening rationale for real estate investment securities to a leading global investment bank. This enabled the client to screen conventional REITs in order to structure a global Islamic REIT of REITs.


A Premier League football club. 2009

Debt & Equity Capital Market Consultancy: A premier league club engaged SHAPE® to:

  • Raise bridge financing to replace existing maturing conventional debt with Shariah compliant debt
  • Structure Shariah compliant permanent capital (debt and equity)
  • Find project financing for construction of a new stadium

SHAPE® successfully obtained commitment from a major South East Asian investment bank for £600 million.


London based Islamic investment bank. PNC. 2010

Acquisition Analysis: SHAPE® was engaged to analyze a potential acquisition of one the Islamic banks in London. The analysis examined stability of deposits, loyalty of the customer base, quality of funding, and other important aspects of the target bank. SHAPE® advised against the acquisition based on the result of the analysis.


A leading Islamic finance data vendor. 2007 – 2009

Applied Research: Quarterly Sukuk market report covering different aspects of the Sukuk market.


Major City of London law firm. 2007/08

Training: Foundations of Islamic Banking & Finance.
Transactional Advisory: Coordinated on project proposals for a MENA region petroleum exploration company.