Global wealth management & insurance/Takaful provider. 2007-2009


i. Consulting:
a. Pre-Shariah Board Meeting: Prepare management to present business case for Shariah board meeting
b. Shariah consulting: assisted with product development and Shariah process
  • Refined credit instruments, new product development, and analysis of banca-takaful methods
  • Reviewed Murabaha working capital proposal and proposed a novel Musharaka solution to meet Shariah requirement
  • Assisted with the development of a Takaful linked Ijara home acquisition product.
c. Shariah research for counter-party proposal evaluation:
  • Shariah review and preliminary Shariah opinion on treasury and capital market products designed to allow the firm to hedge equity risks or enjoy option-like positions in global markets. Client would decide whether or not to bring the proposal for its Shariah board’s final approval.