Global MDFI developing the micro finance sector. 2009

i. Consulting – Research:

  • In depth survey of applied Islamic micro finance methodology globally
  • Objective: development of collateral free Shariah compliant working capital products for the micro finance industry in Bangladesh

ii. Product Manuals

  • Customized Islamic micro finance manuals that incorporate the survey findings
  • It include Shariah background, product structure, recommended procedures with flow charts, AAOIFI accounting and IFSB risks issues

iii. Training & Product Development

  • Interactive presentation of the research findings to about 40 participants from 12 institutions comprising of Islamic banks, windows, and leasing companies in Bangladesh
  • Case study based product development:
    - Participants were provided with real business situation in the micro sector in Bangladesh
    - They were required to solve the case based on various findings from the survey, and new ideas from group discussion
    - Outcome from the workshop were absorbed by the participants into their business

Bangladesh market training through our marketing partner. 2007

Training: Private bank sponsored training for all banks active in the Bangladesh Islamic finance market. One week program in Dhaka.